Babylook is an Echo graphic bureau where you can go for an ultrasound from your unborn baby. It is located in the maternity center ROOS, in front of the Franciscus Hospital. Our ultrasound specialists have lots of experience and all work in the hospital, next to their job by Babylook. They are certified to make maternity ultrasounds.

Babylook is a private practice, you can let an ultrasound make without a medical indication of your doctor or midwife. Our practice works in cooperation with several obstetrical practices.

Using te newest Accuvix A30 ultrasound machine with the newest Featal Realsitic View (FRV) technique, our knowledge and experience, we make sure we make a nice and good ultrasound from your baby.

During the ultrasound we explain you everything you’ll see in detail. You can ask your questions and we’ll take our time, no rush!

NEW at BABYLOOK: FETAL REALISTIC VIEW the newest technique of utrasound! Unique in this area!

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now we have a ultrasound from 6 weeks already to calm your worries. Its also possible between 30 and 40 weeks.

We now can determine the sex from 13 weeks on. Its also possible to have a suprise cake boy / girl to share this special moment whit friends and family the day after you did the ultrasound. (excl sunday)

Get your ultrasound picture on perspex in the size 30 x 30 cm

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vanaf € 10,-

2D OF 3D

vanaf € 49,-


vanaf € 65,00-


vanaf € 59,50- incl echo


vanaf € 10,-

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