We make 2 and 3/4 dimensional ultrasounds. The 2 dimensional ultrasound produces black/white images. The 3 and 4 dimensional technique can show depth. 3 dimensional techniques produce static 3 dimensional images. The 4th dimension is time, we call 4 dimensional ultrasound “LIVE 3D” so we produce moving 3D images.

We can see movements of the baby directly. This technique produces colored images. We can record the ultrasound for you on DVD(-R). We also record the sound so you can hear and see everything back at home. During the ultrasound we make a series of black/white photos, if you want you can buy a CD with all the pictures we make during the ultrasound. From the 3/4 dimensional ultrasound you get also 2 colored pictures.

The quality of the ultrasound is depending of the position of the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby. In case we can’t make a good ultrasound of your baby because the position of the baby is not good for the ultrasound, we’ll offer you a free second ultrasound at another time/day.

Sex determination

Of course sex determination is possible but dependent of the position of the baby. The best period to do this is from 13 weeks pregnancy. If we can’t see the sex of the baby in this period, after 13 weeks, because the baby doesn’t want to show it at that moment, we offer you a free short extra ultrasound at another moment arround the 15 weeks.

The best period

Usually we make the 2 dimensional ultrasound between 16 and 35 weeks pregnancy. This is the best period to show you all the structures and organs of the baby. If we are lucky you can even see the baby drinking from the amniotic fluid. But if you can’t wait so long you can already have a look from 6 weeks pregnancy. During this short ultrasound you can see the developing of the baby/fetus very good. So there are many options.

The best period for a 3/4D ultrasound is between 24 and 30 weeks pregnancy. In this period the baby gets more body, this is nicer for the 3/4D ultrasound. Of course you are free to pick another period.

What you should know

You should know that the ultrasound, as far as proven, is harmless for the unborn baby. We can’t guarantee the health of the baby by doing an ultrasound. We don’t make medical diagnoses during the ultrasound. Of course when we see something at your baby that doesn’t look normal, we contact your doctor or midwife.

You don’t need any special preparations to let an ultrasound make. Only when you have an ultrasound before 17 weeks, we advise you to come with a full bladder for a better quality of the ultrasound.

We, the workers from Babylook, are not liable for damage resulting from our work .

We assume no medical treatment agreement with our customers; see article 7:446 e.v.B.W. We assume our customers know about this article. The doctor or midwife is medical responsible for the pregnancy.


U kunt bij ons terecht voor de geslachtsbepaling vanaf ruim 13 weken. De geslachtsbepaling is zeer afhankelijk van de ligging van het kindje. Indien het geslacht van uw kindje niet te zien is door een ongunstige ligging, dan mag u GRATIS voor een korte echo terugkomen op een ander tijdstip. Wij gaan immers voor zekerheid.

U kunt het bekendmaken van het geslacht aan familie en vrienden extra speciaal maken met de verrassingstaart. Bij het aansnijden van de taart wordt dan een roze of blauwe vulling zichtbaar.

De taart kan door ons de volgende werkdag besteld worden bij ’t Bakkertje in Roosendaal.